Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The new era has begun ..It's GENIUS.

Everybody wants to be smart, act smart, and to somewhat own something smart but on the fast revolving world of technology being smart is just a simple goal, we've got to grow, think more, act more than being smart, and that's the time when genius rises and everything in life should be genius.

Due to such innovations and evolution to become genius, LG then prepares us to experience what is like to be genius, for here comes LG's Optimus 2x and Optimus black, the DUO of genius phones working side by side and making their names known and somewhat be part of history. So why stop at "smart" when you can be a "GENIUS".

Me as a Student and a part time Blogger ( part-time huh?) i am in need of assistants with my studies and with my blogging career, a student to performs well needs a good companion along the way and LG helps me with that matter and accompanied me along the way!

For what makes a smartphone a genius? then look at optimus 2x and black then you'll probably know the answer. There are many features of the optimus black and 2x that makes a smartphone a genius one.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Everybody love their father and for the fact that we are honoring them this day for this is their day. Everyone should greet their paps, daddy, papa, or what ever you call your dad for this day is for them.

Our father do their best at their jobs just to make money for us, their family. They supposed to be treated well this day or even everyday for they work hard for us.

And this Special day, lets greet them HAPPY FATHERS DAY! LOVE YOU ALL!


Everybody deserves someone to love them for the rest of their life. Someone who would care for them, love them truthfully, and to be there for them almost all of the time for love conquers them both and they do it in the name of GOD!

This coming july 2, 2011 , My grandparents are going to have their 50th anniversary and that excites all of us. Me as their grandchild was so exited and willing to give all my best to surprise them with a little dance number. YES! i will dance for them for this is their happy moments, and our happy moments too.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Smart is smart! but GENIUS is more than smart !

Everybody deserves to be the best and being the best needs the best things in life that is so unique and so different that you could outperform others in many aspects. Being able to have this gorgeous gadgets in you hand makes you either the crowds favorite or the crowds worst enemy ( wish you wouldn't ^^, ).

Nowadays being smart is not that loud as being smart before. It is like saying that i am unique then every just stop for a while then continue what their doing ( IN OTHER WORDS, IGNORES YOU haha )
As i am saying, GENIUS is now the trending word and the smart is just the thing of the past. Genius becomes the outstanding and smart becomes nothing ( i'm not that against but its the truth).

LG welcomes us to the world where geniuses arise and there's no room with just being smart. LG introduce as in being genius by offering us with its genius line-up of phones , the LG Optimus 2x and the LG Optimus black.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Life is Good, Life is Genius !

smartphone is a smartphone no one could change that, but due to innovation smartphone is just a phone of the past for here comes the era of Genius phones. You're probably asking

"huh? genius phones? what in the world is that?
For what make a smartphone a Genius phone?"

Yes! you heard it right, your now confused of what it is and what is it capable of? well that's why LG welcomes you to the world of Geniuses where smart is ordinary and geniuses stands out ! Now the Batman and Robin of the Genius world is on the rage to let us feel the power to be genius, the LG Optimus 2x and the LG Optimus Black.

LG Optimus 2x, the power of 8 and the reason is 8 !

Why 8? for 8 means infinity, infinite possibilities, talent and characteristics this phone has to offer. And this is my 8 reasons why having an lg optimus 2x is really an advantage.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Win an LG Optimus Black!

Hey guys! how is your day?
i think it's time for us to play another interesting game that will surely gave you an lg optimus black if you once again made it to top 3.

It starts june 1 and will end 12noon of june 30


1. Go to and like their page.

2. Click the lg optimus black tab.

3. Click play now and it will redirect you to the game page.

4. Fill up the entry and start to play the game.

5. click start and hit the red button as fast as you can to make the lg optimus black glows into a nova!

That's it, Happy playing guys. for more info, just visit

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Windows 8 Coming soon !

The first preview of much anticipated Microsoft O.S. is coming for everyone.
Embrace yourselves because it's going to be a heck of a ride when the time comes for the release of Microsoft Windows 8.

New TM sims available for surfing !

Are you a TM user? well i think your asking why can't i connect to the internet right?. Due to many questions i encounter i am willing to give you the right answer.

I am also a TM user then i saw this add in the net saying activate your TM's GPRS. So here is the deal.

My friend told me that he reads a post in a forum that helps people activate their TM sims, but as an average user who don't know the underworld of forums in the philippines, i'll just help you guys in here.

1. First of all, you need to have a load of 20, i don't know if it is useful but do it by the way. Maybe when the prompt ask you that you have insufficient balance, because we will use this to call customer service .

2. text GO(space)PHONE(space) MODEL,,1234
to 2951 Eg. Nokia C3,,1234

(then you will receive the configuration of your mobile device, if not, we needs to call customer service to help us with this matter dial 808 and proceed to the reason at step 3)

3. Talk to the customer service by calling 808, REMEMBER ! BE POLITE use your manners.
talk to them nicely and told them that you want to activate your TM GPRS settings and MMS setting. ask them to send you all the necessary setting including myglobe connect and inet to be sure.

that's it. your TM sims is now configured and just wait for my post on how to use your internet free.


Lg once again is invitingeveryone for the promotion of their new and latest phone, the LG OPTIMUS 2X.

The first dual core phone that come handy with it's powerful features that will make you say wow !

Here are the Mechanics to join :

1. Like their facebook page LG OPTIMUS PH .

2. Click the Lg optimus 2x tab .

3. register your name and etc.

4. You can now play the game.

Good luck Playing guys. Catch the android fast and you'll gain the top speed. Also the top 3 players will win an lg optimis 2x handset by the end of the promo . So hurry up and play.

*hint : just click on the same place ( cause if you logically calculate, it would have sometime and the start of the android will be your chosen place,and try to refresh the game when you got low ranking)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Another goal in life! to pursue blogging.For me this is not really about blogging but about helping others to wake up, that it's time where technology now is the trending news on the world.
I'm just a ordinary student who's into technews and gadgets even though i couldn't afford one :) so as a starter, i am opening a question for you to answer ! ......



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