Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The new era has begun ..It's GENIUS.

Everybody wants to be smart, act smart, and to somewhat own something smart but on the fast revolving world of technology being smart is just a simple goal, we've got to grow, think more, act more than being smart, and that's the time when genius rises and everything in life should be genius.

Due to such innovations and evolution to become genius, LG then prepares us to experience what is like to be genius, for here comes LG's Optimus 2x and Optimus black, the DUO of genius phones working side by side and making their names known and somewhat be part of history. So why stop at "smart" when you can be a "GENIUS".

Me as a Student and a part time Blogger ( part-time huh?) i am in need of assistants with my studies and with my blogging career, a student to performs well needs a good companion along the way and LG helps me with that matter and accompanied me along the way!

For what makes a smartphone a genius? then look at optimus 2x and black then you'll probably know the answer. There are many features of the optimus black and 2x that makes a smartphone a genius one.

Let's start-off with the first ever Dual Core genius phone... The LG Optimus 2x.

Processing speed to the fullest.

"For a person to have his/her achievements to go multiply, a good or shall i say best phone is required to give them the needs to be on top"

The world ask for a dual core phone so here comes the truth. NVIDIA Tegra 2 in the heart of the LG Optimus 2x that makes it the World's 1st Dual core GENIUS phone. This phone having the tegra 2 dual core cpu together with the most popular and trending OS the Android OS will surely give anyone an advantage and together with its genius features, this baby will surely set to make everyone's mobile experience to the fullest!
Having such power could really be an advantage and helps me a lot for i am a working student.I could install apps to help my studies.

I could make use of this apps that i need anytime without bringing a laptop or even going to the computer shop. It could help me with my studies for it works with jetspeed performance no hassle at all.

"For a GOOD APP to be use as it is with no lags and errors we need a powerful processor and Optimus 2x answers my need".

HDMI Support, the power of mirroring.

" the power to connect and share your talents, moments, and achievements to others with no boundaries and limitations ! "

Another feature of 2x that i fell in love with and that i will be able to use of the most is the HDMI MIRRORING feature. Being able to connect to a hdmi capable HDTVs is a scifi phenomenon that is now happening real life. Also with its DLNA feature, nothing is as techify than the LG Optimus 2x. YES! this little genius has the power of connectivity!

As a civil engineering student we always have overnights to cope with the lack of time in studying and it will be an advantage for we can have better nights to enjoy because i can connect my 2x with a widescreen LCD TV to watch our recordings of our studies or lecture for all of us to enjoy, not just for myself but for them also.( because we are allowed to record our lessons).

1st ever 7.1 surround sound speakers

"music is the universal dialect for in music comes communication and in communication comes opportunities"

A portable soundbox of imaginations, a theater of music, and the intensified music experience is what this phone offers. I am a music lover, i enjoy music so much because it helps me relieve my stress at school because my course is really a stress maker. Having such powerful sound system being the 1st 7.1 surround sound speakers it will surely relieve my stress and go on studying. So i would prefer having 2x than having those ipod shuffles or any music player that does not even have the power of a surround sound system

8MP camera with 1080p video recording and playback.

"Memories well captured is a living proof of happiness that was imparted through the images and was preserved digitally in high definition "

Yes, This is what i love and the feature that excites me most. 8MP camera that could make a 1080p recording and playback. This baby proves that " looks can be deceiving" for whats hidden beneath is a photographers treasure! the one that supports the life of a photographer and the one that i am in need of. Just like owning a big bulky DSLR or the outdated digital cameras. This was really an advantage for i could record our lessons at no time and play it back at home when i need to self study. This is the feature that everybody could have an advantage for this phone offers the fast processing speed and the intensified camera recordings that could make anyone say WOW!

Gyroscope, The power of gesture gaming.

"A good gamer needs a better gaming console! and a gaming console should keep up with its geekify owner "

lastly, I also love gaming just like sound tripping, gaming helps me relieve my stress at school and at work. i am really excited about the gyroscope feature of the optimus 2x for it would surely make my gaming experience to the fullest. Plus being able playback at HDMI MIRRORING, it's like owning a gaming console and makes me need PSP no more.

To summarize it all, LG Optimus 2x will definitely help me save time and space for there is no need to bring the thick laptop that i have, no need for buying a ipod shuffle and a PSP, and even a BIG BULKY DSLR for LG Optimus 2x is all that i need. everything that i need is in it and that makes it a smartphone and that's really an advantage for me. I WILL SURELY FELL IN LOVE WITH IT..

On the other hand, LG Optimus Black has its own features that makes it a Genius phone, being the sibling of LG Optimus 2x there is no doubt that this baby is as powerful as Optimus 2x.

LG Optimus Black, the sibling is not to be treated small.

"black is the new color! YES, a colorful one "

LG Optimus Black is packed with a 1 Ghz processor, this little sibling is not to be small for this baby also has the power to make you say WOW o WOW!

NOVA display of a bright star in front of your eye.

"Don't be fooled by the name, hence judge by its talent to bring unlimited everlasting color"

World's 1st ever NOVA display having 700 nits of power!
The first ever bright phone and i simply feel in love with it. Partnered with its IPS panels, the LG Optimus Black is the powerhouse of display! the iconic nova in the beutiful sky.

As a Civil engineering student we always go outdoor and do our surveying field, Recording the surrounding and even taking pictures of the site and Lg Optimus Black will surely help me for it could change its brightness and saves almost 50% of its battery.There is no need for covering Optimus black just to view its display and having its 5MP camera recording 720p@30fps would help me records my data at ease and at fast and reliable way.Just like Optimus 2x, there's no need for those expensive cameras.

Powerful camera from front to back.

"Capturing moments is never been this good, without hesitations from front to back"

Another feature that makes Optimus Black ahead of its line is that Optimus Black is built with the 1st 2MP front facing camera . Another feature of a genius phone that's an advantage against a simple smartphone.
Having this feature could make me connects with my family and friends even though we always have out of town trips. But it's not just a simple video call but a nice clear video call.And at the back is the powerful 5MP camera that is capable of recording at 720p@30fps to capture amazing moments in my life.

World's 1st Wi-Fi direct technology.

"the power to connect, the power to share"

Connectivity wise, Lg Optimus Black is a record maker being World's 1st Wi-Fi direct technology. Sharing is not that easy just like LG Optimus Black for sharing is at ease with its wi-fi direct feature sharing photos and music is never been easy.

The sexiness within.

"having the curves, without sacrificing what's within"

9.2 mm thick makes "BLACK LOOK SEXY". Optimus Black is the thinnest of its competitors and that makes this baby a Genius phone.And i am excited of touching this baby if i have given the chance. This is another feature that makes this baby the phone to grab! with its sexiness, LG didn't even sacrifice hardware specifications and that makes this beautiful from inside and out.

To summarize it all, LG Optimus Black is not that far from its older Brother.They both have their own strenght and the most important part of it is that they are both a worth to buy genius phones.

This were the features that i'm most excited of and the feature that could change my life"


Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius.
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