Sunday, 20 May 2012

Everything i need,want and LOVE.

"This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition"

      "How Does BlackBerry Help Me Achieve My Purpose in Life or Help Me Become a Person of Purpose?"

    One of the features of BlackBerry that help me a lot is BBM. Why? because there's no limitation, The communication keeps flowing and making everyone connected. It helps me know who i am, Develops who i am, and help me discover the things that me myself doesn't know.

Nowadays, messaging is one of the prime necessities of humans, being connected to love ones like family, relatives, friends, classmates or even of a total stranger is a must for this world is not the stone age anymore and everyone deserves a way of communication.

BBM indulges us to experience messaging that no one can give, yes BlackBerry Messenger helps us connect in no time, less effort and in a very sophisticated way.

I am not that good at drawing, yet i can say that i got the passion for it. I'm not that good either with basketball, but with the help of my friends i am doing my best to be good at those things for i know that i love doing it and that helps me know the real me. I know i love these things and BBM helps me discover the things that i love the mostBBM IS THE KEY!

"BBM is my stairs to success"
BBM provides me the stairs to success and eventually leads me to my goal. Being a student, what i love about BBM is that it helps me shape who i am and reveals the true beauty inside me. Being a scholar and an officer, it is my task to communicate with others and with the help of BBM i could achieve my goals in studying with just a few clicks. It has a GROUP feature that let's me group my contacts in a convenient way. Asking about things i don't know is easy for i can send messages with no limits and boundaries! yes, BBM guides us to freedom, a world where we are free to do everything we love.

"There is no boundaries with BBM"

BBM fills the gap of communication between me and my family. As a college student studying Civil Engineering, we always go outdoor for site observations and surveyings and my mom and dad always hesitates to let me go for they thought that we were just going hang out, but with a few clicks, i could prove to them that i am really studying for i can also share pictures and videos at no time.

"BBM enhances your skills and the things that you've love, YOU JUST DIDN'T notice it"

I love basketball i told you that i love basketball and being able to connect with my fellow basketball players is a must, i could designate them to their own group on my BBM so that it is easy to communicate with them thus resulting me to develop my talents with the help of my friends and with the help of BBM.

"The love, the passion, and your talents, BBM let's it grow"

I also love T-shirt designing, i'm not that good at drawing but my mind is a pool of imaginations and creativity that i am really proud of :) Contacting my consumers is at ease for they don't need to go at our house to see my designs for i can just send it to them with just a few clicks. yes BBM is part of my life and having it is a totally BIG ADVANTAGE!


But on the latter part, sadly to say that the Blackberry i use is not really mine. My cousin is the one that is owning it that's why i really have limited time using it. sometimes my cousin let's me use it for a long time ( like a whole semester) and suddenly get it back.

"This is my goal! to show my real me "


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