Thursday, 2 June 2011

New TM sims available for surfing !

Are you a TM user? well i think your asking why can't i connect to the internet right?. Due to many questions i encounter i am willing to give you the right answer.

I am also a TM user then i saw this add in the net saying activate your TM's GPRS. So here is the deal.

My friend told me that he reads a post in a forum that helps people activate their TM sims, but as an average user who don't know the underworld of forums in the philippines, i'll just help you guys in here.

1. First of all, you need to have a load of 20, i don't know if it is useful but do it by the way. Maybe when the prompt ask you that you have insufficient balance, because we will use this to call customer service .

2. text GO(space)PHONE(space) MODEL,,1234
to 2951 Eg. Nokia C3,,1234

(then you will receive the configuration of your mobile device, if not, we needs to call customer service to help us with this matter dial 808 and proceed to the reason at step 3)

3. Talk to the customer service by calling 808, REMEMBER ! BE POLITE use your manners.
talk to them nicely and told them that you want to activate your TM GPRS settings and MMS setting. ask them to send you all the necessary setting including myglobe connect and inet to be sure.

that's it. your TM sims is now configured and just wait for my post on how to use your internet free.

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